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HI ! I am Shivam Scientificffect.

Shivam Scientific Works with enormous and diverse experience are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Glass Ware and laboratory equipments. With an aim to meet the overwhelming demand of the science community, we provide an entire range of instruments right from basic lab equipments to most sophisticated instruments for research labs.

Shivam Scientific Works offer wide range of scientific instruments and laboratory equipments of Excellent Quality at Low prices, with a huge selection and Personalized Customer Service Instruments for Research Labs, Colleges, Schools and various industries:

Glassware                                       Scientific and Laboratory Instruments

Pharmacy Instruments                Microscopes

Shivam Scientific Works believe in producing a product of the highest quality and design. Our products are carefully designed and manufactured in the spirit of old world craftsmanship. To ensure the highest quality and durability possible, all parts are individually checked and inspected before they are manufactured.

Shivam Scientific Works also utilize state of the art design along with advance technology and tooling to make high performance instruments. Our employees are continually refining the products to ensure that they are the best modern products you can get.

We Offers Scientific & Lab. Inst. Ovens, Incubator, Autoclave, Water Bath, Water Still, Muffle Furnace, Hot Plate, Heating Mantle, Glass Beed Sterizer, Soxhlet Extraction and Kjeldhal Units, Environmental Chamber, Mortuary Chamber, Incinerator, Bone and Meat cutting Machine, Blood Bank Refrigerator and deep Freezers, Laboratory Centrifuge, Laboratory Stirrer and Shakers, Over Head Projectors, Refractrometer and Polarimeter, Microtome and Tissue Processor, Clean Air Systems( Laminar Air Flow, Fume Hood, Air Curtains, Air Showers) etc.

Glassware: Beakers, Bottles, Funnel, Pipette, Adapters, Dishes, Flasks, Distilling Unit, Burette etc….

Microscopes : Vernier Microscope, Student Dissecting Microscope, Student Microscope, Monocular, Binocular, Trinocular, Metallurgical, Stereo Zoom, Phase Contrast, Dark Field, Polarizing, Flourescent, Dual Head, Penta Head, Projection, Inverted Tissue Culture Microscopes, Photomicrography Equipmets and Image Analyzer Software etc…

Physiology Instruments: Kymograph, Operating Tables, Student Organ Bath, Stimulators, Respiration Pump, Spirometer…

Industrial Automation Systems : Level Control Systems for Liquid and Solids, PID Temperature, Humidity Controllers, Timers, AC/DC Drives, Counters, PLC’s, Electrical Panels, Proximity Sensors, Panel Meters, Encoders and Washroom Automation etc …

Pharmacy Instruments: Ampule Filling and Sealing Device, Ampule Washing Device, Disintegration Testing Machine, Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus, Friability Test Apparatus, Activity Cage, Tablet

Agriculture Product : Grain Seed Counter, Seed Dividers, Seed analysis Kit, Lab Seed Grader, Seed Blower, lab aspirator, Sieves, Seed Dial caliper, Seed Triers, Illuminated Purity Work Board, Sample sheller, Rice Polisher, Grain sizing device, Mositure Analyser, Seed germinator (Single/ Dual Chamber), Plant Growth Chamber Complete Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology Labs

Mission & History

Being an organization of international repute, we have set ourselves a host of mission and vision to enhance the production process and build a huge clientele.

  • To be global leader by offering quality laboratory products at an affordable price.
  • We envision in embracing and upholding our company values through personal and professional ethic, honesty and trust.
  • To cultivate high standards of business ethics and Total Quality Management for a strong corporate identity.

Quality Assurance

Quality has always been one of the major concerns in our company since inception. In addition, our products are manufactured as per industry set standards. Our team of procuring agents ensures that the raw material is procured from reliable vendors. Our in-house quality inspection department strictly tests & monitors the entire range at every level.

Some of the parameters on which we test our range are mentioned below:

  • Ease of operation
  • Durability
  • Accuracy
  • Finishing

Our Executives

The organization has witnessed tremendous growth in the recent years, mainly due to the contribution and hard work of its workforce. We have a team of expert professionals which has years of experience in the industry. These professionals use their expertise and innovative approach to manufacture the best range of scientific instruments and laboratory equipments.



  • Eco-Friendly Poly Urethane insulation (PUF) provided maximum for thermal protection & to increase rigidity for reliable regularly use.


  • A high-efficiency air circulation system is an integral part of chamber construction This direct drive design has an extended shaft electric motor coupled to aluminum centrifugal blower.
  • This horizontal airflow across the chamber working space provides an even & accurate temperature & humidity gradient


  • PID or PLC-based control system with high usage data storage facility which give accurate readings of temperature & humidity.
  • 0.1°C Resolution for temperature & 0.1% Resolution for RH.
  • High stability & reliability, Security lock for prevention of unauthorized tampering of non-volatile memory.


  • Refrigeration system with a hermetically sealed compressor.
  • Fine & tube type bullet expanded evaporator are use.
  • High-efficiency fine & tube type bullet expanded condenser coils are use.
  • Refrigeration design protects compressors & prolongs life keeping cool during all operating condition.
  • Refrigeration design uses less power saving operating cost.


  • High efficiency, low watt density S.S air heaters are use with ceramic core.
  • The combination of air flow, instrument response & fast reacting heaters provides very accurate & straight line control of temperature.


  • High efficiency, low watt density S.S air heaters are use with ceramic core.
  • The combination of air flow, instrument response & fast reacting heaters provides very accurate & straight line control of temperature.


  • PID or PLC based Safety controller is provide having all safety cut-off with Auto reset facility.


  • 65 mm Port Sleeve with rubber seal to insert external sensors for validation purpose.


Log data, Event data, Audit Trail data, E-Records & E-signatures, Graphical analysis & Data acquisition.


  • A multipoint (8+8) Temperature & Humidity scanner for online validation purpose.


With GSM technology we will get malfunction SMS of equipment on Mobile Phones.


  • Two Humidity System & Two Refrigeration systems provided if in case of running system failure or breakdown the stand by system will be switched over automatically or manually without disturbing the set condition

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